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The journey from the mechanical watch to the hybrid smartwatch

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Do you still wear watches in this digital world?

Hybrid Smartwatch – The Watch You Want

What is a hybrid smartwatch? And why is it becoming the new favorite of people? We will be sharing with you the insights in this journal, and you will know you are making the right decision to enter the world of hybrid smartwatches.

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Leitners Watch - lifestyle 3

Inside the Watch Designers’ Mind

Meet Thomas and Stepan. They are the creative mind behind the appearance of our Hybrid Smartwatch Ad Maiora. Together they put a lot of sweat and love into the watch design. To learn more about their thoughts, we had an interview with them.

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Brno City

Nowhere else but Brno

In the past few weeks, we have received much support and we are grateful for it. We know that you all want to see more details of our hybrid smartwatch Ad Maiora, and we share the same desire to reveal more about our watch. But before that, we would like to lead you to Brno, Czech Republic. This is the city where Leitners watch is based, and where Ad Maiora is born. This is the city of inspiration for us. We would like to take you to Brno and understand how cool it is for us to create in Brno.

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Leitners Ad Maiora prototype in the hand of a watchmaker.

From Idea to Functional Prototype

Watch Ad Maiora did not start its existence overnight. It was over a year of development from idea creation, validation, and prototyping. The prototyping was connected with a LOT of fails and we have learned like a million ways how it can not work. Every step mattered, and now we want to share with you how the first functional prototype of Ad Maiora was create.

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The Most Iconic Watches

15 Iconic watches you need to know about

The wristwatch has changed the way people perceive time. Starting with the mechanical watch utilized during WW1, to the quartz revolution. Later in the 1970’s digital watches introduced LED displays, followed by the breakthrough of the smartwatch in the 2010’s providing complications a timepiece had never seen before. Yet the future lies in the hands of the hybrid smartwatch.

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storage box with collection of men wrist watches

Watch material encyclopedia

Over the centuries watch companies have never stopped playing and trying with new materials to optimize their watches. Therefore, the list of available materials is getting quite extensive. The research on different materials can become tiresome very quickly. Therefore, we created a table for you. It lists all common watch materials for the most important parts of a watch highlighting their pros and cons.

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How to buy a watch online – a comprehensive guide Part 1

The advantages of buying your watch online are obvious: the volume of offers is extremely high. This will allow you to find exactly the watch you wanted for an excellent price. However, in the flood of information, it is easy to lose the overview. Additionally, there is a potential risk of scam. With this guide, we want to assist you in not getting lost in the deepness of the internet. To help you to buy a watch online.

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Cover picture womens watches fashio guide

Women’s Watches Fashion Guide

With plenty of options in women’s watches choices and generally more complicated wardrobes, it becomes hard to match your watch with your outfit. Here is a piece of advice on how to style them.

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