Hybrid Smartwatch – The Watch You Want

What is a hybrid smartwatch? And why is it becoming the new favorite of people? We will be sharing with you the insights in this journal, and you will know you are making the right decision to enter the world of hybrid smartwatches.

Do you still wear watches in this digital world?
Do you still wear watches in this digital world?
We are at this age of digital transformation. The future imagined by people in the past came into reality even faster than we thought, and better. In this digital era, wearing a mechanical watch seems more like a luxury and identity symbol for watch lovers. Besides, the appearance of smartwatches seems to make the situation for the classic watch industry even worse. Will the watches with physical dial and hands eventually disappear from most people’s lives, and be replaced by smartwatches with touchscreen and artificial light? Well, it does not have to be the case.
According to a report by Juniper Research, hybrid smartwatches, the mechanical watches with some integrated smartwatch functionality, will make up over 50% of the smartwatch market in 2022. That means up to a drastic 460% increase in shipment from an estimated 14 million in 2017. On the other hand, the shipment of digital smartwatches will increase by only around 160%. This trend was described as “fashion beats function” by the researchers.

What is a hybrid smartwatch?

Have you ever imagined having your favorite classic watch connected to your smartphone, able to send you notifications and track your activities? If yes, you already know what a hybrid smartwatch is and you know that you want one.
A hybrid smartwatch combines the connected features of a smartwatch while retaining the aesthetics of a classic mechanical watch. It looks like a traditional watch with an analogue dial and physical hands, therefore it does not have a touchscreen. A hybrid smartwatch provides you with connectivity, fitness tracking, notifications, and other features of a smartwatch. All these functions are offered to you by a device that looks just like a normal watch, rather than a piece of technology.
Checking notifications on hybrid smartwatch
Checking notifications on hybrid smartwatch Ad Maiora

How do you know you want a hybrid smartwatch?

  1. You value more the design and physical user experience. You want your smartwatch to look, feel, and act like a watch. You want a smartwatch to show your taste for aesthetics and elegance. And you enjoy feeling the finely crafted timepiece, actual interaction, and the cycle of time depicted in the turning of hands. Indeed, it is all possible on a hybrid smartwatch since it has the body of a mechanical watch and hidden technology, while regular smartwatch not.
  2. You do not want to get bothered by nightly charging. Touchscreen, constantly lighting up, pinging notifications, and running apps… All these lead to a large consumption of the battery. Hybrid smartwatches usually do not have a touchscreen and have Bluetooth pairing with low energy. A hybrid smartwatch can free you from exhausting daily charges while still allowing you to enjoy most of the necessary functions.
  3. You want a smartwatch with better durability. Since the hybrid smartwatches are close to the traditional watches, they are usually refined by the hand of high quality craftsmanship and watch techniques. For example, most of them are water-resistant. Many also come with sapphire glass and premium materials.

Ad Maiora, the hybrid smartwatch for greater things

It is undeniable that technology and smart wearables are making people’s lives more convenient. But a smart lifestyle is not necessarily in conflict with the passion for classic timepieces. Thus, Ad Maiora is designed to be a hybrid smartwatch that possesses the best from both worlds.
Ad Maiora with automatic movement and e-ink display
Ad Maiora with automatic movement and e-ink display
Like a mechanical watch, it has an automatic movement which is the best in class. The self-winding system makes sure that no charging is needed for the running of the mechanical part. As you wear it, it will move forever. You will never lose your time. Even without the smartwatch mode on, it is a piece of the premium automatic watch – simple and minimalist, yet elegant in the timeless design.
As a smartwatch, Ad Maiora has all the smart functions needed in this digital time. Besides, Ad Maiora also has the functions that many hybrid smartwatches might not have – like heart rate sensor, smart alarm, and sleep monitoring. Additionally, Ad Maiora does not have a touchscreen but it is integrated with an e-ink screen that takes the full dial. It enables easy readability at any angle, at the glance time management tools, and low energy consumption. Even if you constantly turn on the smartwatch mode of Ad Maiora, it only needs to be charged once per week instead of every day.
Ad Maiora is a hybrid smartwatch that brings the past into the future in the most organic way. It is a hybrid smartwatch that you can be proud to put in your watch collection. Ad Maiora is designed as the hybrid smartwatch we want, and we know that you want it too.
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