Ad Maiora

The Hybrid Smartwatch

Ad Maiora

The Hybrid Smartwatch

Classic is Smart Now

Leitners Ad Maiora Hybrid Smartwatch side view
Autoamtic Movement Miyota 9039

mechanical design

Ad Maiora recharges as you move, thanks to its high-precision Miyota premium automatic movement 9039. With a power reserve of 42+ hours, your watch will never stop ticking.

Secretly smart

Follow your schedule and see your notifications on Ad Maiora’s sleek E-paper display. Like an e-book, it is easy to read at any angle, and requires almost no power to run!


We Make No Compromise

Your watch should match your style — watches are not toys. Smart features should not compromise your appearance, but complement your look and assist you throughout the day.

Leitners_Ad Maiora Hybrid Smart Watch
Leitners Watch - lifestyle

Discover Your Unique Timepiece

Ad Maiora combines the future & the past:

  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • Powerful smart features
  • Sophisticated design

Smart features

Connected devices

Ad Maiora is connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth 5.0. It will be compatible with all available mobile devices.

Activity tracking

Leitners watch measures activities the same way others smartwatches do. Running, Swimming, Cycling, Work-out and many others.


Notifications for your SMS, Calls, emails, and social platforms are the must. They are adjustable and not disturbing. They include vibrations.

Time manager

We have developed a time-management app and put it into our Ad Maiora watch. It is fully compatible with most online diaries available, e.g. Google Calendar.​

Heart Rate and VO2

Very precise Heart Rate measuring with the estimation of Blood Oxygen Levels are part of the watch. This will be used also for our sleep monitoring function.​


There are several digital clock functions implemented: Chronograph, Timer, Alarm, Time-zones, etc.

Timeless style

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Leitners Watch - lifestyle 3
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Leitners Watch - lifestyle

Fully compatible

Ad Maiora allows for seamless use of your smartphone without touching it. Sync your appointments, view notifications, control your music, and even take photos with the touch of a button.
Leitners watch in Google_Play
Leitners watch in App_Store
Leitners Watch with mobile phone