About Leitners

Elegance and practicality should harmonize in one timepiece.

Our ambition is to redefine the traditional watch craftsmanship with the latest smart functions.

Leitners Hybrid smartwatch - Ad Maiora

Ad Maiora - the first automatic hybrid smartwatch

Leitners redefines watchmaking by innovation and creativity. Ad Maiora brings you to the new world, and we make no compromises. Ad Maiora is a watch in which smartwatch features are organically integrated into a classic watch with automatic movement.

Designed in The Czech Republic

The name Leitners means people who live by a mountain spur, which is a ridge descending from a hill. When everybody is going down the slope, we choose to stand out and not to drift with the current.

We are based in this spur – Brno, the Silicon Valley of central Europe, where the past and the future entwine. The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul has been there for centuries, while the young professionals who have just passed by are heading to the technology park. Things from the past are still there, while things from the future are all on their way here.

Leitners Watch Brno
Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch production

Produced with the German Precision

Leitners also has an office based in Germany, in the beautiful city of Dresden. German heritages can be seen in our high quality standards and persistent pursuit for perfection. The Dresden office gathers a team of passionate business masterminds. It allows us to cooperate with qualified German suppliers and highly skilled professionals.


The stars may change, but the wisdom remains. Classic mechanism, innovative technologies, they are all embodiments of human intelligence. Starting from the street of Leitner, we want to connect the past and the future, and go beyond them. We want to let you know that you do not have to choose between classic and smart, because you can optimize both at the same time.
"We were tired of wishing others to create the watches we desire, therefore we decided to create our own. The dream is ours, and the dream can be yours."
Rostislav Slovak