Progress with the Ad Maiora development

Summer is here and we have some hot news!

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. We’re back with the latest update – this time about app development, configurator, progress with the watches, and more! There is also one research you can contribute to this time, which is the end-user research. Thank you in advance for your participation.


Mobile App Design User Testing

Real users have always been a great source of inspiration and feedback to us. In June, we conducted user testing of the mobile app for Ad Maiora among Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. Thanks to their participation and the valuable feedback we have gathered, we can now identify and then eliminate potential errors and improve the design. More info and visuals of the mobile app design will be disclosed to you in the near future.

The configurator will be available in July

Yes, you can start designing your own Ad Maiora soon! The configurator will be available for all supporters who made a successful pre-order. The launch of the configurator will take place mostly via emails, so make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter and followed us on social media!

Shipping of the watches will happen based on logic first-in-first-out. What does that mean? We’ll first manufacture watches for backers and pre-orders, based on the pledge or pre-order number. You’ll be notified about the configurator submission deadline, as this will be a must for the delivery shipment.


Tell us more about you: End-user research

Knowing you as a user is the most important thing to us. What made you buy hybrid watches? What do you like or dislike about them? What other technologies are you using in your daily routines? Knowing this will help us to tailor the watches and Leitner’s overall look and feel more to your preferences. Shape the future with us. 

The survey is anonymous and will take you approximately 10 minutes. Complete the survey.

Progress with the watch development

Our attention to quality and detail made us craft Ad Maiora of high-quality stainless steel. But here comes the challenge how to get and receive a signal through it? 

Luckily, Leitners watchmakers combined GPS and Bluetooth signals with the stainless-steel shield. They tested that, and it works smoothly. Hurray!

GPS technology details

We use an Integrated multi-frequency GNSS chip for simultaneous reception of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou (BDS), Galileo (GAL), and SBAS satellite systems.

So far, we’ve tested Ad Maiora for four hours on continuous GPS tracking. That will improve significantly by software power management improvements.


Battery life duration

The watch has a battery with seven days of life for its smart circuit and functions. Thanks to the automatic movement, the hearth of Ad Maiora will never stop beating, and even if you forget to recharge, you’ll still see the time. Ad Maiora will be using Panasonic batteries, which keep attention to quality and security. For that reason, we need to complete extra testing on the connection system of our batteries. The results will help adjust the circuit to achieve maximum battery life. We work on that directly with Panasonic’s team.


Bluetooth compatibility

Ad Maiora will be supporting Bluetooth 5.0. Devices implementing only the low energy feature of Bluetooth 5.0 can also ensure backward compatibility with any older Bluetooth version.

Bluetooth will be a key feature for communication between watches and your phone. It will be synchronizing e.g. all notifications, activity tracking and time management features.


NFC what’s new here?

Even though NFC is not a part of the original documentation, we’re looking for a way to get the NFC antenna into Ad Maiora. That will allow us to take a closer look at payment options in the future. Please, do not expect NFC payments in the first Ad Maiora. It is a complicated process to get safety certificates and approvals from banks and might take even years, however, we’re working to get the hardware ready for this amazing future update.


Welcome new partnership with Plastic Logic

Let us introduce you to Plastic Logic, a leading manufacturer of flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs) that has a development center in Germany. Thanks to their engineers, Leitners will have a unique e-paper display design exclusively for Ad Maiora. That will significantly increase the value of our watches as well as their quality and uniqueness. Thanks to cooperation with Plastic Logic, we can achieve better display qualities than planned. Their engineers work for us with unique technology that has hundreds to thousands of connectors and wires, etc., with a size of 50 to 100 microns (0.05 – 0.1 mm).


Delivery and timeline

Recent press coverage

The initial hype of the Kickstarter campaign is not yet over. Check out the latest interviews (CZ) with the founder Rostislav Slovák on TyInternety or MF Dnes

Thank you for being with us, and see you with the next update! 

Your Leitners Team

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