5 Watches 5 Purposes

Watches can be accessories and make you look fancy with a dressy outfit but they can also be devices with various functions. Every watch was created with a specific purpose and to satisfy certain needs. For this reason, different watches have different complications.

Diver’s Watch

Dive Watches have the intent of making safer exploring the world underwater. Generally speaking these watches need “to withstand immersion to a depth of at least 100m and to satisfy requirements specified in ISO standard 6425”. Their performance is tested in salty water, must be readable from 25cm so luminous hands are implemented. Of high importance is to ease the decompression process necessary when diving. This occurs through a rotating bezel with which the diver can calculate decompression stops.
Diver’s Watch
Diver’s Watch basics
Racer's Watch with Chronograph and Tachymeter
Racer's Watch with Chronograph and Tachymeter

Racer’s Watch

Racing Watches track time accurately during motor races. What these watches require are: a high-contrast dial to read time even at high speeds; a chronograph; a tachymeter bezel enables speed calculations. In the past also an angled case orientation (to be read without taking hands off the wheel) and rally-strap style (breathable leathers or rubber) were necessary.

Aviator’s Watch

Pilot’s Watches started off because aviators needed to read time while controlling aircrafts. Cartier produced the Cartier Santos in 1904, considered the first pilot’s watch. Requirements of these timepieces are: large and luminous dials to tell time in any meteorological condition; anti-magnetic case as to avoid the timepiece to run faster; oversized winding crown because pilots would wear gloves so to facilitate rotating the bezel; extra bezel markings to make complex calculations such as fuel burn estimation; dual time or GMT functions to display two time zones.

Aviators Watch
Well readable Aviator's Watch
Durable and Comfortable Field Watch
Durable and Comfortable Field Watch

Field Watch

The scope of Military Watches is to synch war attacks. Also known as “Trench Watches”, they were named after the long and narrow ditches in which soldiers would gather waiting for orders. Must-have features were: legible and luminous dials to read time at any condition; A hacking second hand to sync with another wristwatch; Be glare-proof to avoid being seen from the enemy; and last but not least have the ability to resist to dust and scratches, by utilizing sapphire glass.

Hybrid Smartwatch

Hybrid Smartwatches became a reality to overcome wasting time and to incorporate all watches listed above in one unique piece. As time is the more valuable asset humans own, hybrid smartwatches’ concept is to optimize your time. How? By displaying fewer but essential complications aimed at not distracting you from your tasks. Some characteristics are: date, chronograph, dual time zone, smart notifications. Leitners’ watches are also made of stainless steel and sapphire glass.
Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch described
Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch described

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