Why do smartwatches fake an analogue dial?

One design choice for smartwatches shows up over and over: a fake analog dial on the display. This phenomenon can be found from top-end designers down to no-brand and over unlimited freely available online watch faces. But why are all creators making this choice?

Throughout history, watch development has always been about trying to find unique and innovative complications in order to provide information in the best way possible. Therefore, it is surprising that even with the possibility to create any kind of image on the display, smartwatch designers are taking a look back and try to imitate mechanical watches.

The reason for this might be the appearance, sentiment and overall image associated with a good-quality mechanical watch. In fact, it does carry a long tradition that captivates many watch lovers from around the globe.

Smartwatch try to fake The Rolexs' dial
Smartwatch try to fake The Rolexs' dial
ORIS - beautiful mechanical chronograph dial detail
ORIS - beautiful mechanical chronograph watch dial detail

There are numerous reasons why people are fascinated by mechanical watches. There is the human component, vital in its creation and usage, which makes it stand-out and connects user and watch.

The craftsmanship that lies behind the making of those mechanical masterpieces is a form of art. Smartwatches that are often produced for the masses and with ever-shortening life cycles, simply cannot stand up to this. Imitating the dial is the attempt to create the same experience and feel we connect with mechanical watches. The problem being that even an untrained eye will be able to tell the difference between a smart and mechanical watch at first glance.

There is an obvious trade-off that consumers have to face. A compromise between smart features and a good look needs to be found. To solve this problem the hybrid smartwatch has been developed.A hybrid smartwatch does not only try to imitate a mechanical watch, but it also is a mechanical watch. The hybrid watch developed by Leitners uses a real analogue dial to show time. This does not only look good and is more durable but also has the advantage of not having to rely on the battery to tell time. However, for anyone that cannot forgo the applicational advantages of smartwatches, Leitners’ hybrid watch delivers an essential life and time management tool. This can be achieved by an integrated elegant yet simple display. Overall, a hybrid watch manages to create the bridge between the by so many desired designs, mechanisms and the necessary modern-day technology to support us in our daily activities.

Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch - The detail on dial
Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch - The detail on the real dial

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